Men’s Magic Fashion Show: What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas

Who, What, Where?

February 14th of 2011 wasn’t just for Valentine’s day this year, but for fashion, too-the “Magic” fashion show at the Convention Center in Vegas started from February 14th and lasted until the 16th. Fashion shows are always thought of a glamorous event, mostly for women. Honestly, the only men’s fashion shows are stereotypically more for the brands names than the customers, unless you count celebrities. The Average Joe has no need for a fashion show, right? That’s what Magic is here for

Magical Magic

Magic is international fashion; for the broadest spectrum of designs, designers, and forms of fashion-from coats to shoes-on an international, industrial level, think of Magic, because it’s Magic that host buyers as well as sellers from across the world for not just women’s fashion, but men’s and even children’s to boot. This year in Vegas, the fashion show revolves around nine “boutiques” to showcase all of fashion to include accessories as well as apparel: STREET Unlimited, FN PLATFORM, PREMIUM, S.L.A.T.E., POOLTRADESHOW, SOURCING, WWDMAGIC, and of course MENSWEAR.

Vegas 2011

The Vegas 2011 Magic show is meant for everyone, which is important for men-we men don’t often have a reason, or get a chance to have a reason, to go to a fancy-shmancy fashion show, because, again, it’s often for high end female celebs. The Magic show in Vegas this year is targeting a large spectrum of fashion, and so businesses are even encouraged to come, like textile technology importers and exporters, general garment manufacturers, embroiderers, and businesses revolving around accessories, textile materials, trimmings, and laundries. Don’t forget, the general public-including men-are also targeted, so fellas, enjoy.

Men’s Fashion

Talk is cheap-is the international show in Vegas of 2011 really for men? Sure, and here’s some proof-shoes. In one of the previews given to the public via blogs is a sneak peek into the upcoming shoe collection meant just for men, with brands ranging from Puma, a more Everyman kind of a brand, to Lacoste, a brand for the more accomplished men with just as much extra spending money as an eye for style.

Shoes were actually so highly anticipated as a theme to men’s fashion that the entire first day of the Vegas fashion show was, you guess it-shoes. What the 2011 Vegas Magic fashion show proved was two major things-sneaker hybrids are only gaining momentum and are here to stay, and boots are the biggest thing since the sneaker itself.

When it came to sneaker hybrids, the most popular were boat shoe hybrids, or sneakers where the laces are a little thicker, a little more vibrant yet not overly colorful, and some excess. Stay tuned for more information on the Vegas show with Mens underwear and swimwear.

Fashion And How It Has Influenced The Society

The world is now too much conscious about fashion. Almost every day a new trend makes headlines and people soon start following it. There is much influence of the western culture all over the world right from hairdressing to styling their feet. Another thing that has grown is the use of technology with fashion. It has a larger hand in influencing the fashion. This is because whatever one dresses up they take a picture of it and post them on their individual social media profiles. People who like them would surely emulate the style when they get ready.

Fashion has not only influenced the common people but it has inspired the office goers too. They also try to maintain a fashionable look though in their formal wears. However, there are two kinds of people in the society. One group are the followers like we have mentioned earlier and the other group are the ones who have little to do with fashion. They follow their own style and add a different variation to the ongoing fashion trends. Even that sometimes becomes a trend which others intend to follow.

What fashion really means?

Fashion has nothing to do with hair or makeup. Neither it is about the cosmetics. It is the good looks the charm that one adds to his or her personality by wearing anything they like. All that matters is that how one teams up the accessories and the footwear with their dress. It does not have to be the most expensive clothes and accessories. A casual one can also work wonders if accessorized in the right way.

What are the trends?

Fashion trends keep changing every season. It has also undergone a huge change from the earlier times. Earlier the English women used to wear long gowns and flowery dresses with a hat on. Now the trend has shifted to jeans and tops.

Fashion used to be a part of an actor’s life but that has now become a part of the daily life. Fashion has become a big source of earning money. Many of the youths are making money by becoming fashion experts and giving people advice. They are making channels in YouTube and hosting shows on the television.